The full gang of Daniel's town

Daniel and a bespectacled classmate holding light lamps (faroles) for our Costa Rican independence day.

Girl with bottle - sketch and Photoshop art

A pint-sized version of Venezuelan orchestra director Gustavo Dudamel conducting a typical Venezuelan trio ensemble.

A series of kid characters performing various roles, including pretend father.

I began using Alzamon as a pseudonym in 2016, and Obert before that. This is why you see that signature on some drawings, and the URL, which is no longer active.

And we've got some sneaky hipster dude...

Mr. Kurt Dyer and son Julián as a father-and-son band.

A quick caricature I did in response to the Brussels attacks of 2016. Brussels is among my favorite cities in Europe for being the capital of European comics, and I had visited the site of the attacks some months earlier, so it was kind of personal.

Fan Art Character Design

Of course I have done a lot of fan art designs over the years. Most are from other fellow artists with whom I share contact. Here are some.
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