Alzamon - Mascot Character Design
Hi there and thank you for visiting this site and see my work. I am Alberto G., and Alzamon is a compound pseudonym based on my full name.  A Costa Rican illustrator, character designer, UX/UI/Information Architecture designer and avid world traveler. I majored from the University of Costa Rica with a degree in Graphic Design. However, I have built most of my professional career on the web design and development field.
After more than twenty years in the web development business, I've been focusing back on my lifelong true passion —creating children's illustrations, character designs and production of all-ages entertainment— in hopes not just of personal fulfillment but of sustainable profitability as well.
I am always looking for any creative opportunities locally and abroad where my skills shown here can be put to best use, whether in freelance or full-time hire form.  I also speak Spanish, English, French and Portuguese in a fluently manner.
My UX/UI/Information Architecture portfolio is reachable at
My corporate resume / curriculum can be downloaded from here.
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—Alberto G. (Alzamon)

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