My take on characters from other artists, made usually just for fun.
All copyrights belong to their respective creators.

A Star Wars-Esque fan art featuring the house gang.

This is a crossover between two of my reference artists: Belgian comics artist Jean Roba and American popular artist Norman Rockwell.

A fan art based upon the characters of Cale Atkinson's children's books.

Mr. Manuel García Ferré was a classic animation film producer based in Argentina who created a host of beloved characters known in the country and beyond. I visited the country and the studio several times before Mr. Ferré's passing.

"Dibu", a character by Argentinian animator, producer and friend Rodolfo Mutuverria. He (Dibu, not Rodolfo) was the star of a long-running sitcom series mixing animation with live action, and about 2 movies in the 90s.

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